Ad Verbum has a database of over 500 full time, professional, and well trained translators all over the world. All our translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue. This ensures that all translations are idiomatic.


  • Customer pages with unlimited capacity
    Each registered customer can use the Login link to access his/her own customer pages where the texts to be translated or corrected are uploaded. Furthermore, each contact person has his/her own login so that he/she only has access to his/her own files. This guarantees confidentiality.

    Transferring heavy texts to a CD-ROM, splitting the text, or removing all the images are all most definitely things of the past, since the Ad Verbum web site has an enormous capacity. Depending on the upload capacity offered by your Internet server, you only need to wait a short while to upload the file to the web site (e.g. 10 MB takes about 5 minutes), but in the meantime you can carry on working. There’s no need to sit around waiting, and this means you don’t waste any time.
  • Monitoring the project status
    It goes without saying that you like to be kept informed about the progress of your project! Registered customers can use the project page in their own customer pages to check what phase a current assignment is at. Each project passes through four phases:
    • Translation is underway
    • Translation is half completed
    • Translation is completed
    • Translation is being checked and corrected
    • Translation project is complete
    If, in the course of the project, our translator(s) or proof-reader(s) has (have) a specific question or doubt, then the project can be put into the category ‘wait for customer input.’ This means we have to wait for the customer to supply the necessary information before we can continue with the assignment.
  • Discussion forum per project: effective communication and a time saver
    With many projects, background information supplied by the customer is essential for a good translation. The discussion forum linked to each project gives the customer the opportunity to pass on certain essential information (the target group, country of destination, aim in mind, internal terminology, comments, etc.).
    On the other hand, this forum also gives translators and proof-readers the opportunity to consult each other or ask questions or make comments. This not only generates direct and effective communication, but it also saves a lot of time since no time need be wasted composing, reading, and sending e-mail messages. All information about a particular project is grouped together in one place, namely the project page.
    This web site is more than just an attractive business card. It is a work tool to be used every day to carry out and follow up projects efficiently. Not only do you have the opportunity to upload exceptionally large files, but you also no longer need to search for various e-mail messages since you put all questions and comments on the accompanying forum and you can keep in touch with the progress of the translation project perfectly well via the project page.
    • effective communication;
    • huge time saving: all the relevant project information is grouped in the accompanying forum;
    • ideal instrument for multilingual projects;
    • project progress can be followed closely.
    If you are not yet registered as a customer and would like to make use of our highly functional web site, please click here.

Personal follow up

We are aware that all customers have their own requirements. Therefore, we draw up a specific vocabulary so that we can guarantee each customer a personal follow up.


Translation is often one of the last steps in a project. Ad Verbum also undertakes to provide you with a speedy quotation and to meet the proposed deadlines.


Our customers put their trust in us every day for our professionalism and the quality of our translations.