Our services

  • translations of any texts to or from French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch (other language combinations are possible on request);
  • proof-reading and revision of texts for both business use and/or private use;
  • revision and/or translation of your web site.

Commercial texts: brochures, web sites, …
Technical texts: handbooks, …
Literary texts



All our translators have several years experience and translate exclusively into their mother tongue


The content of all documents entrusted to us is treated as strictly confidential.

Each translation assignment is unique (and therefore exciting): the length of time required for a translation depends on the scope of the translation, the context of the text, the deadline, the difficulty of the content, or the demands made. We make a careful estimation before we present a clear and well-founded quotation.

A translation is not a consumer item: it is an intricate communication which requires close and open co-operation between the writer of the document (you) and those (ourselves) who make the document completely accessible for people who speak another language and live in a different culture. Our extremely functional web site is also much more than a business card. It provides clients and translators with an ideal communication tool to consult each other openly and efficiently, give guidelines, exchange ideas, and streamline multilingual projects. It is, as it were, an instrument which clearly surpasses the limits of e-mail.

We produce a most remarkable output, often on a daily basis, for those partners with whom we have a longstanding working relationship and whose activities are well known to us.